Yo Chad and Chad's Bod!

I gots two ?'s for ya.

1.) Cut-and-paste hasn’t worked for me in a week. Anybody know why?

2.) Can we suggest that certain threads be “pinned” or “stickied” to the top of the individual forum? EG - at the top of the “General Discussion” forum, we can pin “What calculator do I buy?” or “Should I use Schweser or CFAI materials?”

Also can we get the pictures to work correctly. Please go to the forums suggestions thread and sign the current petition.

I finally figured out how to get the pictures to work. You need to “Disable rich text” in the comment box. This allows the website to recognize html tags. Then, use .

This should really be in the feedback forum.

Yeah, but it won’t get any attention in the feedback forum.

I’m sure its life in the WC will be short-lived.

I’m just messing with lxwarr since I got his thread moved to the wasteland.

How about the option to zoom in on avatars? Can’t figure out what lxwarr’s pic is but it looks like black licorice and thats nasty.

  1. Same here

  2. Bad idea. Let those threads die as they should.

Thanks for letting me know about this. I will look into it now.