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Study: White Americans More Likely to See Obama as Angry Than Non-White Americans “One of the things that literature out there suggests is we are much better at decoding people within our own ethnicity and their facial displays,” he says. “I wouldn’t use a term like racism because all groups are ‘ingroup focused,’” meaning they favor the social group with which they identify. http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2013/05/20/study-white-americans-more-likely-to-see-obama-as-angry-than-non-white-americans Does this mean that what I’ve always interpreted as a ‘mean mug’ on African American faces on the subway is just their neutral face?

But Obama is white?

^ He is, but he still can’t catch a cab (Obama circa 2007).

Mean Muggin’ is a fine art among black folks. While sometimes it’s a dead giveaway, other times (like in your case) it’s subtle and one does not know. Long ago when Trick Daddy loved the kids, we’d imitate his flow and mean mugg others to show disgust and disdain.

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Did you see this video of CFAvsMBA went viral on Youtube?