Yo FT - negative interest rates in EU?

You and your deflation crazy talk… as for the EUR, I’m going there in the fall, so just keep on crashing vs the $. Thanks.

The ECB lowered the deposit rate to -0.1 percent, meaning it will effectively charge banks for holding their money overnight. It cut its main refinancing rate to 0.15 percent, and the marginal lending rate - or emergency borrowing rate - to 0.40 percent.

Markets sent the euro EUR= to a four-month low of $1.3575 after the news.

We are living through “The lost Generation”. I hope I get credit for the term when history books start using it decades from now to refer to this era.

The repercussions of this era on human beings cannot be underestimated. Just like the children of the great depression, you will see many more frugal, underconfident, underemployed/unemployed, risk averse people during this generation than the preceeding one.

If you have your $hit together, there will be an oversupply of HCBs.