So Monkey is staying in a backpacker suburb, you’d think this would be a goldmine of loose western women right? Nope, everyone already knows each other and everyones already banging.

Scenario 1 : Rent a decent private room, hit clubs midweek and weekend with flatmates, drink white rum and hit on women in a loud clubby atmosphere with hit rate of 1 in maybe 20,30 on an average I dunno. Cons : Too much effort.

Scenario 2 : Live like a beggar for a year or two but stay in these shared rooms with like 5-6 self-proclaimed ‘travelers’ in a house and get laid every weekend. Office has spectacular showers so I can get in early and take a nice shower. Cons : Chicks limited to Brit, American and Irish. Will have to pay moving fees every month to move personal stuff from room to room.

Analytical blokes, thoughts? What’s the most efficient scenario?

Oh and I already got separate budget for hookers and blow.

Either way is fine, but don’t forget to pack Indian size condoms. The regular ones might fall off.

I always make sure to use Magnums so they fall off, then you just act like you didnt know it happened. Got HIV but raw dogging was 10/10

Use this move. Works every time. He also uses magnums for his massive dong.

[video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woA-ogAQL6E autoplay:0]

thats how you pick up the scraps. Mantis Toboggan, MD.

The chinaman speaks from experience yes??

:grin: :grin: :grin:

I browsed this topic and then went to Facebook, got a bunch of hostel ads in there, coincidence?

Why are you hacking my phone

Do the f*** you want, the rest will follow. As a wiseman once said, there are groupies for every male endeavor.