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They should make Super Bowl rings wearable, like smaller and classier with more diamonds, that just looks ridic

well but I guess they are purposely gaudy

the last ring has 283 diamonds!!! they were down 28-3 lol

damn nnn that’s baller

I guess I don’t understand the point of this thread. To tell me the Patriots have as Super Bowl rings as the Cowboys?

Sure, they’re good right now (cheating allegations notwithstanding). But Americas Team has been good since 1965. We were just a couple of ridiculous Aaron Rodgers passes away from being in yhe NFC Chamionship again.

The Cowboys have been incredibly mediocre since 1996, but for the 30 years before that, they were consistently great. To list their accolades during that time, I would have to have a post a mile long.

Now that Mr. Jones is handing over some of the GM responsibilities, they might become great again.

Make America’s Team Great Again

I like this topic.

if only it was 30 years ago.

Haha right? Imagine telling clients “well we haven’t made money in 30 years, but when we did, it was great”. Lol Cowboys.

I was in Boston recently and found it funny how people can’t joke about deflate gate yet.

I can only speak for myself but if the jokes are original and actually funny, bring it on. But a lot of them are weak.

Overall though I’d agree. Boston sports radio is unlistenable (then again so is all sports radio but w/e) because the fans are such squids with how serious they take something they play no part in. Ok Mikey from Quincy, you’re 50 pounds overweight and haven’t drawn a sober breath since 1996, you can stop yelling now.

yeah, thats true. Boston sports fans are like the English in how humourless they can be about their sports teams.

I had to make a sharp exit from a bar in southie after beating a guy in a pats shirt at pool and asking him if he wanted to try and suck on the pool balls to deflate them for round 2. probably falls into the weak joke category but he was fecking furious.

^lame. the problem is it’s near impossible to make a deflation joke that is not obvious and therefore unfunny.

Opening day is going to be a very bad one for someone here.

Gonna be a bloodbath.


1 ring is wearable on special occasions, and most players don’t even have that. Is there anyone on the Pats besides Brady and Belichick who have all 5?

Probably the dude that deflates the balls.

Players? No way. Only a QB and a kicker really have the chance at the longevity you’d need to last 17+ years. The Pats moved to Gostkowski after the first three SBs.

Coaches, the only one I could think of would be Scarnecchia but he was officially retired for the Seahawks SB and came back last year. I think he still worked with the team in some capacity during that retirement so probably got a ring.

OL could last that long, but I’m not that familiar with the Pats’ roster. Guessing 5 is the record for players. Pretty sure Charles Haley also has 5. Think Belichick has a couple with the Giants too, so he must be at 7.

9 based on the picture?