Yo Greenie

Thank You!


Yes Greenie, thank you for your service.

Word. Thanks guys.

I’ll let you buy me a drink next time we all get together.

Tell us a story Greenie. Something about your drill instructor kicking your ass or something.

^ This has already been discussed. I tried to pry some war stories out of Greenie and he said while most people think of the armed services as “Black Hawk Down” meets “Saving Private Ryan (first 15 min)”; it’s really like, “Office Space” meets “Groundhogs Day.”

Though I bet he’d have a good story of a fellow soldier getting wasted and deciding that now would be a great time to tattoo “Murrrikkka, Fck Yea!” on his forehead.

^I was thinking more along the lines of this:


There are some great stories in there.

That all actually sounds like pretty standard boot camp type stuff. Boot camp actually is funny–as long as it’s not happening to you.

My brother was in the air force and he could probably attest to this. There was a TV show called Enlisted out last year that tried to convey this, but no one ended up watching it.

A lifelong friend who is a former Marine has a lot of interesting stories about female members of the Marines.

^ Tell us more.

I spent most of my enlistment in Intel training or on Air Force bases, so female enlisted members were a dime a dozen.

BTW–surely I’m not the only veteran on AF, am I?

I think we have one or two militia members. Do they count?

I thought this thread would be about Greenie surviving a 65 degree temperature drop in the span of 12 hours that Texas had to live through last night.

Does the Michigan militia count? Posse comitatus?