Yo Greeny

is this you? you mentioned it in the mattress thread…


You know how I know that’s fake? Notice anything odd in row 12?


The fact that a woman was able to take a shower and beautify herself and go to dinner and still be early?

Bingo. No woman has ever been 20 minutes early to a night out…ever.

I didn’t know you guys have been out on a date with every single woman out there…

My woman can be 20 minutes early so long as I tell her that the night out starts two hours earlier than it actually does.

^ so true i know girls who do that to other girls

Still waiting for RR to hijack this thread.

Just based on the spreadsheet style, the guy looks boring!!

krnyc 8/10

smuggy 3/10

greenman72 10/10

3?? That is awful!!!

earn level 2 and get back to me for a ratings review :wink:

Thanks MK but I’ll manage with 3 :wink:

You just went up to a 4. I like the confidence.

I want to hear straight troof from the married folks, how much sx is really goin on?

As much as she wants.

i guess this can help