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You voting Yes or No on Sept 18?

The Yes side went from 32% to 51% in a matter of 4 weeks. GB is trembling and now are promising all kinds of things.

This is a big one. I would imagine the separation of shared services would last a full decade at the very minimum.

I can’t believe the newspapers here actually think another royal baby will keep Scotland in. Morons.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but it’s looking increasingly likely. Not sure how long the Scots can go it alone though.

I’m thinking this is going to turn out a lot similar to the Quebec Referendum of 1995. Very very close but the no side wins.

Krugman had a great article about this Sunday.


I´m curious if those “separatists” considered the whole impact: economic performance, costs for new currency, bilateral relations…! I cannot imagine that the advantages will outweigh the challenges Scotland will be facing!

Never happened. Ever.

I’m voting Yes, absolutely no doubt in my mind. I’m a rare breed in the investment industry though as most are voting No, too much uncertainty over their jobs and their assets.

The polling results have been vastly underestimating the Yes vote, average General Election turn out of 40% in Scotland, predicted 80%+ turn out for the referendum.

The difference is profound. Quebec is a net receipient of cash flows from Ottawa, Scotland is a net provider of cash flows to London (North Sea oil revenues). Scotland leaving is not like Quebec leaving Canada, but rather like Alberta leaving Canada. Scots are sick of their resource revenue being siphoned off for others to live better lives then they do. I sympathize with that argument being a western Canadian.

Quebec never intends/intended to leave Canada. It’s an extortion racket. No one willingly slaugters a cash cow. You can tell it from their question wording (soverignty association).

Good luck to the Scots on the 18th.

I’m confident this will not happen. Oil bearing region breaking away from a US backed power? Yeah right.

there is a major difference between Scotland and Alberta though. Scotland’s oil patch is aging and will within our lifetimes, be within the end of its life. part of the argument against separation is that in 30 years, Scotland will be screwed as it will be attempting to change it economy but will not have accumulated the resources to do so, as Norway has done. Alberta, and neighboring provinces/territories, have basically 100% of the world’s contingent reserves so it could theoretically produce oil until the earth dies, or produce oil until it kills the earth, whichever causes which.

Quebec separatism is just weird. as if we’d ever let our country be divided down the middle. separatism in Canada will never happen unless the Maritimes wish to go it with Quebec (which will never happen - Maratimers hate Quebeckers more than the West) and or if the West wishes to peel off, which, if it were to happen, would likely mean Alberta assuming most of Ontarian and Quebecker debt to do so, which would probably be unpalatable for the West.

At least Scotland is geographically separate from the rest of the UK so it avoids these problems that we are far too familiar with.

I think it’s cute that Canadians think they’ll remain a sovereign nation for a long time.

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I just shed the manliest tear ever.

I could say the same about Americans. we are far less divided on most issues than you folks. and as for splitting Quebec in particular due to language differences, etc, it is simply unfeasible.

I’m not talking about Canada breaking up, I’m talking about the “friendly” annexation of Canada by the US when we run out of oil and fresh water.

Howdy neighbours, can we borrow some guns to defend ourselves eh?

You should read the Morning After by Chantal Hebert. Some use it as an extortion racket (Bouchard, Dumont), others intend to do it unilaterally (Parizeau and soon to be Pierre Peladeau).

Quebec was 25% of Canada’s population and 25% of GDP in '95. Scotland is barely 8% of UK population and 9% of GDP.

So… what’s the timetable for US to install a friendly government in Scotland and get oil concessions?

BTW will Scotland be like Canada, Australia and New Zealand and still worship the royals and be Her Majesty’s subjects? Will they switch to Euro or have a Bank of Scotland pound?