Yo Itera!

You haven’t been posting until late evening lately. Then today, you post early in the morning.

You got a new job or something? Has the local Barracuda blocked AF at your workplace?

Ditto. I know I take parting shots at your Top 2 MBA + CFA SS ER job at 85 Broad in lower Manhattan, but you aight kid. You bring a mature perspective to the forum that has been lacking.

Maybe he just got a life? Methinks there’s a new woman in his life.

haha you guys are funny. was it noticed I was missing because the hacksaw talk has subsided a bit?

just work. recently promoted, got to put on a good show now that the price tag has gone up…


Wow, he’s taking the AF board membership pretty seriously

Going from poster to boardmember doesn’t count as a promotion.

More like taking longer shifts in the barrel.