He was banned for stalking/internet harassment, I believe, but there’s no way to be sure :confused:


was that a sexual thought? Now it will surely turn to violent thoughts. double meditation session for you tonight, my boy.

lighten up ya turd.

In fairness to KMD, I asked a similar question when I saw that Asa Akira was going to be at her club and she talked about how it works when an adult star makes a guest appearance. I’ll see if I can find the thread.

Tbh the way this board treats the female users in general is cringeworthy.

To be clear, IHIHM is still around. JTLD was his first name and that account was banned for a variety of reasons. You had to be here. He was hilariously inappropriate, insulting, harassing, and an all around jerk. I really liked him. He stuck to the same personality for a while with his new IHIHM account, but then took a long break and now just posts a few times a year (getting running advice aside).

How do you all know where KMD works? Did she pass out business cards on the day I was on vacation or something?

^ She mentioned it once or twice.

IHIHM is pretty good at keeping up the schtick. Although, the muni interest was a bit of an oversight, he took that one too far.