I was just reading this AMA with adult film star Adriana Chechik, and she mentions she’s stripped at your club before. Have you met her? She seems pretty cool.

I know you’ve mentioned several adult actresses have danced at your club before. Any that you really liked/disliked? Got a good story or two that would make this thread longer than two comments?

Here’s a link to the AMA. It is about an adult entertainer so there’s NSFW language and some of the links are NSFW, but the AMA itself doesn’t have anything necessarily NSFW.


Yea, sorry STL, I find this topic too boring. I’m busy

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Fair enough. I thought working with the top female porn star of 2017 would be an interesting topic.

Only so much time to spare between pole dances. She’s gotta squeeze in tips on running five minute miles and rebalancing her virtual cash portfolio. Not to mention this week’s issue of the economist has valuable insights on China. No time for CFA studying much less commenting on porn actresses.

^ That trolley squeezing your flab making you crankier than usual?

Something tells me that this response made STL crack a semi

No, I’m actually disappointed. I wasn’t trying to be creepy about it. If a celebrity came to work with me for a day and you guys found out about it I’d imagine I’d be asked to share a story or two. Since KMD has been open about her profession in the past (even doing her own AMA…maybe I should have put this there) I thought she’d be cool telling us what it’s like sharing the stage - so to speak - with the 2017 AVN Top Female Actress.

If anything I was expecting something along the lines of, “it sucks because it’s less money for us” or “it’s great because she draws a ton of customers and we all get paid.” And, if I was lucky (which I guess I wasn’t) something about Adriana. Based on her AMA, she seems pretty down to earth and funny.

But KMD was bored and busy, so whatever.

Nah it was pretty creepy, let’s be real.

Thanks Mr. Math.

To be honest, I was not creeped out or insulted by the question. I literally was to bored by the topic to warrant the effort to respond properly. All I have to say is they all seem the same to me and they take up stage time so we make less. I think my initial response was more amusing. :wink:

Cat fight?!?!? That turns into scissoring?!?!?

If you knew why JTLD chose the name IHIHM you’d drown in irony.

And thanks for the second part. That was pretty much all I was asking. Sure, I’d like to know more about how it actually works when a big star comes in, but if you don’t want to discuss it, so be it.

The last thing I want to do is bore you.

Adriana Chechik is a “celebrity”? I guess I need to do more “catching up” on “popular culture”.

I know what excites KMD - hitting multiple 35sec intervals on 200s

now that’s hottttt

"If you knew why JTLD chose the name IHIHM you’d drown in irony. "

Now that’s not boring! Do tell… :grin:

Iheartmath was a female JTLD was obsessed with h in the old AF website. He thus became IHIHM because he was exposed as a poser when he was JTLD (JohnThainsLimoDriver) and banned. He renamed himself IHIHM. This took me two minutes to research. When I was a boy thing were so much more simple :grin:

I thought he just liked that Connecticut chick


If some “female” had a name that awesome … and I was a dude… I would be into her too!

wait why was ihihm banned?