Yo, Ohai

Did you not think to get Wifi installed in your doomsday bunker? Besides, turns out this COVID thing isn’t so bad after all, so you can come out now.

@ohai we need confirmation of life

we also need update to net worth statement!

^ I’m assuming this is why we haven’t heard from him. He probably panic sold when his portfolio was down -40% and now is no longer the alpha in terms of net worth on AF.

SSO was down 61% from the peak! Only down 34% now though!
in all seirousniess, hopefully he is doing ok. he signed off right around corona.

10 years - 347% vs 170%

who would have thought that bull market would last 11 years. hopefully yall bought! i was in still college baby listening to asher roth!

i had no moniesss then. so sadddd. but now i got 380k! bang bang!

Hello? Earth to Ohai. Need proof of life, please.

Not sure where you get those numbers

just re-did it not sure where those came from here is 10 year return 3/2010 - 4/2020

SSO - 456%
SPY - 203%

here is port visualizer - not sure if they are using month end or what but very close

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Oh my mistake I thought you meant SSO was negative in your initial numbers. That’s why I was confused