yo STL whats going on in KC

tyfreak and now hunt???


Yep. Too much DVDA going on in the NFL.

apparently she called him the n word and didnt put out!

How dare she

Yeah, it’s been a wild few days. When I saw the video on Friday, my initial reaction was “it’s not that bad.” But now other stuff has surfaced - punching a guy in June, trouble in college. Sounds like he has a drinking problem. At any rate, he may very well be done. That video probably cost him $100mm.

The video cost him $100m? Or lying to his boss cost him $100m?

I think he’ll get picked up. Fans are quick to forget about this kind of stuff if you produce good numbers for them.

Things were never the same for Ol’ Ben Rapensburger.

Definitely the lying, but the video facilitated the termination so…both?

I’m not sure about his future. On one hand, he seems pretty troubled and I’m not sure how willing teams will be to pick him up and deal with however many games he’s suspended for. On the other, he could easily go to the Browns. The GM of the Browns, John Dorsey, drafted him in KC, they’re desperate to win, have a franchise QB, and Hunt is from there so maybe fans would be more willing to accept him.

Or there’s always the Raiders.

zeke is still going strong

browns just drafted chubb