You’ll always have Week 1, my dude. Don’t be the guy who runs through his TV. Namaste.

I’m always amazed by the ways Andy Reid finds to choke in playoff games. Giving up a receiving TD to a QB from his own pass is a new one, though.

Now it’s time for the annual Eagles chokejob. God I love the NFL playoffs… some things just never change.

I hate football.

how is it an eagles choke job when they lose quite possibly the top performing player in the entire league this year?

sorry STL, but you had to know this was coming. The Big Red specialty

Yeah, after our mid-year stumble, the defense (particularly the run D) getting exposed, and the human potato salad that is Alex Smith I knew we weren’t going to win the whole thing. But, a home loss to the Titans? A major fluke play, the worst officiating all season, Kelce might be dead for all I know, and dropped balls…Just a horrible day.