Yoo toob comments section on CFA vid!

Interesting/Humoring to peruse through the YouTbe comments below the CFA commercial… got a couple of live ones here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCkHEV74aXk well holdon, i’m leaving work now so i wont be able to respond to your idiotic jealous statements until tomorrow. like i would ever exchange personal info with someone as obviously unstable as you (or anyone met on youtube for that matter), anyways… your id number wouldnt prove anything anyways… further evidence that you are a fraud and are an obvious CFA program failure/dropout-quitter… sorry you couldnt hack it. holdontight1981 (1 year ago) 0 Reply | Spam ok. you won. can we be a friend now? bigfranky75 (1 year ago) 0 Reply | Spam holdontight1981… you sound like an idiot. your obvious bitterness stems from the fact that you have probably tried to obtain the charter and failed miserably… relax, not many people can hack it… so dont be so down on yourself. in short, anyone that CAN get the charter, does… anyone that cant get the charter, thinks its stupid. grow up. holdontight1981 (1 year ago) 0 Reply | Spam i am a cfa, idiot. i don’t use the title because it is not a license issued by the state. you must have some inferiority complex.

WTF - A commercial for scotch?!?