You better beware, Higgs....

Because in NJ, financially capable parents are REQUIRED to contribute to the tuition of qualified students. Thus sayeth NJ case precedent.

I think this is baloney. I think parents should have an obligation to provide for kids through high school. After that, they’re on their own. Especially if they move out, become alcoholics (at 18 years old), and demand new cars.

My parents always told me “my house, my rules. If you don’t like 'em, go somewhere else.” And I follwed the rules (kinda) as long as I lived with them. I guess NJ and my parent’s don’t see eye to eye.

I live in PA now, so I’m safe. Poorly written story though. Rowan College is actually Rowan University (has been for about 15 years now) and is located in NJ, not PA. In fact, it was only Rowan College for a couple of years, having been Glassboro State College prior to Mr. Rowan’s $100 MM donation.