you can tell you are tired when.....

So I’m at Starbucks this morning and I see a guy studying CFA material so I find out he is also studying for level 2. We talk for a while about the test and then I leave for the library. About 7 hours later…I’m leaving Starbucks again and see someone studying CFA material. Again I go up an find out he is studying for level 2 so we talk about the fact that swaps suck and we are ready for the test to be over…I’m leaving and my wife informs me that it was the same guy I had talked to 7 hours before…and I never even realized it…that is what happens when you study swaps for too long. have a good night…ready for another long day tomorrow

Wow I guess he didn’t make much of an impression.

damn, it reminds me of a movie named , you experience the same bad thing you did(for example if you killed someone you will be killed again and again) over and over again till forever—it’s your salvation.

this is akin to solving a question, getting it wrong, checking the answer, reading over the materials from both notes and cfai text. Weeks later. You meet the same question and you make the same mistakes…and then u begin to wonder …erm …#%&%&$*^

Yes I was wondering why you asked me twice about it…

After putting in 12 hours yesterday I went to pick up my gf from the airport at midnight, dropped $60 on the ground paying for a $1 coffee, had some guy chase me down and give it back to me. 2 minutes later same guy taps me on the shoulder asking me if I even want the cash, guess I dropped it again while juggling the schweser quick sheet, volume 2 and a hot shiitty coffee. I live in the right province! He had a smile on his face when he gave it back to me which quickly disappeared as he stared into my blank, emotionless, blood shot eyes, and backed away slowly. All things considered it was a pretty good day.