You don't have to do the study sessions in the exact order, do you?

So I have recently enrolled for the Jun 14 CFA Level 1 exam. I will be finishing the two Quantitative Methods Study Sessions this week. Was just wondering if there is any specific order or sequence that I need to follow during preparation? I’m assuming Ethics and Economics are definitely their ‘own’ sections whereas I would expect a bit of overlap in some of the other areas. I’m particularly keen to start the Derivatives and Alternative Investment Study Sessions. (Because this knowledge would be very beneficial for my current job and what I’m working on)

So for example, is it necessary to do the Financial Reporting & Analysis section before the Corp Finance section?

Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Most of the time you shouldn’t find much difficulty studying in the order you want to study, although there may be some terms in one book (e.g. FI, PM) that you will need to reference from other books. But it’s not obstable in any sense. Good luck studying!

No need for any specific order, but with a few caveats: I’d definitely do the Quant Methods first (and use CFAI material, not a study guide), since some of the concepts there show up repeatedly throuthout the curriculum. Also, I’d do Financial Reporting before Equity, and Equity and FIxed Income before Portfolio Management. Other than that, the ordering is whatever you prefer. The important thing is to work problems and answer questions until you’re sick of them, and then do some more.