you got my heart beating like an 808! who is the hottest victoria's secret model?

You got me turning up When I should be turning down You make it so hard Gonna have you everyday

also victoria secret model or miss universe chicks? who is better

miss universe chicks probably have more substance underneath the surface, but as far as hottest VS model I will go with Josephine Skriver right now

yea miss universe chicks are younger too, but vs models are ballers

Why do you ask this question, nerdyblop? Beauty is transitory and passes quickly. It doesnt matter.

^ What ugly people say.

i disagree. beauty that we see is temporary, but the overall genetics, i would argue is eternal.

your estate on the other hand will be destroyed in 3 generations. lol

So you’re saying that you’re appealing to the transcendental beauty of victoria secret models, and their genetic legacy? I’m squinting my eyes, raising an eyebrow and going hmmmmm pretty hard.

no nigga: hot thots.

also taylor hill for me is hottest or sara sampaio or stella maxwell.

requires more analysis

t swift 1%