you guys/gals are going to hate this... a calculator ?

After so much hype from L1 to L2 on the HP 12c I finally order one [hopefully for use in L3] but worst case L2 again but I wanted to 25th anniversary one. Figure it would be nice to have both allowed calculators for twice the fun. LOL The seller,, had a picture of the 25th anniv which I clicked on and bought since it was so cheap and with free shipping, $68. I feared it was the wrong one but before I could call to check, it was at my door in two days, today, when delivery was for 7-8days. I can’t seem to really find the actual difference between the HP12c Platinum and the HP12c Platinum 25th anniversary one. Figure someone here will know more than the amazon reviews peeps. Is it worth the swap? Or is it pretty much the same thing without the 25th anniv stamp? Yes, this is bother me more than the results coming out soon.

it’s probably some knockoff dude. they could probably put the stamp on it if you wanted, and give you free shipping for a small fee of $25. haha

I don’t know how much longer I can wait before I have to open this thing to play with the buttons. It’s not a knockoff. I was comparing the specs from two HP PDF files on both cals and they are saying you get a nicer case and the 25th stamped one is classic and “special” but can’t find a functional difference. Same algebraic or RPN option, with an undo button, 6x faster than the 12c and 4x memory…blah blah… Well I guess with out the 25th engraving taking space I now have space to engrave my name on it…hahaha Yes, I’m sick that way;)

where is ananda? s/he would know

25th edition is better made. I have both. You will find that the 25th edition is heavier and the buttons have a better feel to them. Also comes with a better case. That being said, I did have to replace my 25th right before the L3 exam because the enter key was starting to misfire. This is by far the nerdiest post I have ever had on AF…

I’ve got the 25th edition, and it Al Capwns.

I paid $500 for the limited “Gold Star” edition. When I received it, I saw that the only difference was the person on ebay put a 5 cent gold star sticker in the middle. At least I like Gold Stars. I will savor the moment. Hopefully the CFAI will allow the Gold Star edition and not make me remove the sticker.

Not worth the swap. If you use an iPhone get 12c iPhone App from RLM - that’s worth the money ($5.99). Doing NPV/IRR calcs in line at a grocery store is priceless.

HP 12C is beyond my league.

The 12c Plat’s case IS a piece of shitt. There’s a 1 1/2 inch hole where the stitch didn’t seal on the side of the case to close the corner. It’s virtually two pieces of cardboard with no quality. I can peel the HP logo off the case with my fingernail. However, I don’t care too much for the case and can put it in the leather soft one from my BAII Plus Pro, which fits nicely too. I like it that it’s lighter so it will not make my purse weight 10lbs. I like the angled buttons for better pressing and how you can hold it with both hands for entering ease. This is much better than the BAII in design and with no functional difference to the 25th edition, considering what everybody said, I will keep it:) If only being a nerd will make me love formulas and accounting more. Why am I the only Asian who hates this stuff… On the other side, being very annal/selective is a good trait when you are selecting between mangers/funds/investment products to do due diligence inline with normal PWM work. But it does make you hard to please outside of work…hahaha Thanks everybody:D

I have a BAII+ Professional, an HP12C (standard gold one), and an HP12C 25th Platinum Anniversary. The 25th version is the best one. I’m not going to go into the details of HP12c vs. BAII+ Pro b/c there are a million threads on that. I actually think the BAII+ Pro has better functionality than the HP12c, but I still prefer the HP12c for other reasons.

HP 12c is the show.

I like the 12c Plat’s case. It has a clear business card holder, so everyone knows that you’re all about business when they see you carrying it around. I’ll bet someone a thousand dollars that Nep-hi lives in Gwinett County.

I thought the business card slot was there so if you loose your calc, somebody may be nice enough to send it back to you or call, like luggage. The 12c Plat non-25th E has one too but not very impressive. cjones: I could also be in Fulton or Dekalb too. But Gwinnett is a popular county to be in for Asian Americans;) Want to make a guess on the city too for the jackpot? Lets be friends but not that close …hahaha unless you want to take me out to get some Yugurtberry or bubble tea since you’re in the ATL too then I can see who I’m dealing with. Don’t worry, the bf won’t kill you even though he looks like a Nazi skin head.

Wow, so much attention to detail in this thread.

I heard the 25th anniversary one comes with a really cool pocket protector!!!

philip.platt Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > At least I like Gold Stars. I will savor the > moment. Hopefully the CFAI will allow the Gold > Star edition and not make me remove the sticker. When I first stared the CFA program it was before they changed from AIMR to CFAI. AIMR used to “certify” your calculator by putting a pretty little AIMR sticker on the front of it. When I presented my calculator to the proctor for inspection last year, she made me scrape the AIMR sticker off before I could sit down.