you have 10k to gamble in Vegas in one day/night - what do you play and what is your strategy?

everything has negative EV… so the idea is to either maximize '“fun” or swing big and go home… i would try a bit of both… curious if there are any gambling gurus here.

i would martingale upto 3 bets on roulette… with a ~80% to win $1400

bet $1400 even money, if win stop. profit = $1400

bet $2800 even money, if win stop. profit = $1400

bet $5600 even money, if win stop. profit = $1400

cash out 10,400… then I would go to poker table and play $1000 NL with 1 “free” entry

**if lose all three roulette spins… I still have $200 remaining and go back to hotel room and call hooker :wink:

Get a high end escort.

Craps. I’d play the pass line and full odds.

10k one shot? nice

i guess you can do the martingale strategy in various “almost even” type games… but i would wait around the roulette wheels and wait for a screen with 7 or 8 consecutive black or red rolls just to get some mean reversion on my side.

Well, part of me says throw down all $10G on black on roulette just to say I did it once.

But realistically, I’d play standard blackjack with infinity shuffle, probably like 2-3 hundred dollar hands, occasionally playing a big one just for the hell of it. I like blackjack. No special strategy, I just think it’s good old fashioned fun.

10k… thats a weeks paycheck for you right… no big deal

This. Slam dunk answer.

a funny story is that i was playing the outside bets on roulette 1-1 and 2-1 but for whatever reason on one spin i accidently pushed the chips into a number “16” and it hit… so my $50 bet turned into $1750… HUGE

im actually a lifetime winner at roulette… MGM Grand hates me because i do marathon sessions where i dont play every spin waiting for my “trading signals”… i understand the math and statistics behind the whole thing but luck is on my side!

Blackjack has the best odds so I’ll go with that.

In craps, you can get decent odds placing the 6 and 8 or buying the 4 and 10 (if you only have to pay the vig when you hit).

you’re going to want to go to the MGM or Mirage to do this scheme - Mirage would be the best. MGM : $25 min, $10,000 max Mirage : $25 min, $20,000 max

The roulette strategy is lame. Better to do the reverse and double your bet if you win. Then if you win three in a row you have a profit of $9,800 and otherwise you still have $8,600 of your original $10k to play with or party with. Why risk $10k with maximum win of $1,400? Might as well just keep your money in an index fund and you would have $1,400 profit this year.

I would do the same as Black Swan making sure to play perfect basic strategy. I’d also sit at the high roller table and get a player card. If you want free tickets to a show or to get in the club without waiting in the 2 hour line, you just have to ask nicely. Also, you will for sure get offers in the mail for free hotel rooms for the next time you go. These offers might also include fight tickets, free tournament entries, free meals at restaurants, etc.

That might work for chicks but not for guys.

If i get more than 1day/night, I’d enter the WSOP main event.

Otherwise, I like the Martingale roulette strategy. Might start with a lower inital bet though.

When it comes to gambling, I don’t believe in any of those hedging strategies. In the long run, the odds are stacked against you, especially in roulette where the house has a 12% edge. Either go all in or don’t go at all.

Always bet on black:

This is what I do whenever I’m at a casino, especially if they give you free drinks.

If it’s just the wife and me then we’ll sit down and play blackjack at a $10 table. Good way to hang out and get drinks. Last time I was in Vegas we were playing at the Bellagio around 2:00 pm or so and Kevin Pollak sat down at our $10 table. He gets a marker for $3,000 and proceeds to play with us for a few hours. Really good guy. It’s funny who you run into in Vegas.

Nothing beats craps if you’re with a group of guys though. You need a decent bankroll to hang around for a while, but when the points start hitting there’s nothing more fun.

I’d play tight aggressive NL poker until my eyes bled or my bankroll ran out. I friggin’ love the game.