you just passed L3, what are you going to do now?

for those that just passed L3, whats your plan in terms of your career? are you already in a job that you’re happy with and fits your long term plan? if not, do you plan to start applying to new jobs? or is it not going to have any impact on what you do?

get a raise

Probably not much tangible impact for me (trading). Though, I probably got some minor points with my boss, who has a CFA. Since most of my compensation is “discretionary”, it can’t hurt…

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? I had an opportunity to move into an assistant PM type roll right around test time, but decided to stay in corporate development (promoted to an equivalent roll). Still not sure if that was the right choice, but at least I’m done studying!

I am going to Disney World

DallasCFA beat me to it… I’d like to make a move from wealth management to analysis…either for a “deep value” buy-side shop or doing alternative investment analysis for a FoF. (Anybody know of anything?) If that doesn’t work…GMATs

Right now more focused on what I won’t have to do again (study hundreds of hours) rather than what I will do next. Weak answer but I was starting to forget what it’s like to read for leisure and have a life during the spring.

im doing alot of drugs…

@sundevl21 +1 couldn’t have said it better myself.


For the next little bit… NOTHING :slight_smile: I’ll enjoy my time off and lack of stress thinking about the upcoming spring season. I’ll think about what to do next once I have a little down time.

I’m going to save the cheerleader…

I’m basically going to spend my new found free time doing the things I enjoyed prior to studying CFA material like a fiend: * Going to start reading for fun again too! Pre-CFA study I was reading a novel every 2 weeks or so… * Surf trip to Portugal in Sept/Oct * Snowboarding in Jan or Feb - haven’t been away on such a trip since 2007 * Learning a lot of new songs on my guitar and attend a few more open mic nights…haven’t done much since 2008 Career wise: I’ve already updated my CV and sent off a few applications. I’m hoping to get into a more sector/single names equity/corporate bond role. Given the job market, I’ve got to be patient…it’s not like my phone has been off the hook the last few days… K

It would be interesting to again see how May looks like outdoors…

continue to dig ditches and be my dad’s farmhand. hopefully my application to be a substitute teacher will go thru as well, now that i’ve gotten thru the cfa curriculum.

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