You know I'm in trouble when I can't figure this out...

A successful investor has decided to set up a scholarship fund for deserving students at her alma mater. Her plan is for the fund to be capable of awarding $25, 000 annually in perpetuity. The first scholarship is to be awarded and paid out exactly four years from today. the funds will be deposited into an account immediately and will grow at a rate of 4%, compounded semi annually, for the foreseeable future. How much money must the investor donate today to fund the scholarship? A. $528,150 B. $549,487 C. $574,253 D. $618,812 Any thoughts on how to work this one? … because I’m screwed.


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It’s A though. 1.02^2 = 1.0404

I could flat out pass Level I this year…

Well, I’ll give the answer anyway. 25000/.0404.= Answer D Convert semi rate to annual

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