You know the exam is rapidly approaching when...

…you go out and buy the No.2 pencils that you will be using to fill in the answer sheet.

LOL! I did exactly that today = )

…when your eye starts twitching


you can’t sleep and lay on bed reciting formulas

when the last few weeks you’ve been drinking enough caffeine to wake the dead. then you realize you’re burnt out and need to sleep, but can’t. you end up eating like a pig and then fall asleep. wake up a few hours later and do it again. welcome to hell…

dapoopa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > …you go out and buy the No.2 pencils that you > will be using to fill in the answer sheet. thanks for the reminder!! but you really know its approaching when you put so much coffee in a mug the top of your mouth burns!! :smiley:

When the # of posts on AF quadruples.

when it takes 10 minutes to figure out left from right because first you have to go through an interest rate tree, consolidated balance sheet, currency swap and who knows what else before you can get to any “normal” thoughts whatsoever. I should really not be out in public right now.

when you check this forum 5 times a day and respond to every post

When you start reading/studying ethics at work and think about how paradoxical that is.

you’re at Subway ordering lunch b/w AM and PM of Schweser mock and the guy behind the counter says, “what do you want on that”… and after staring at him for an uncomfortably long 3 seconds, you can only respond with “uhh… lettuce” and give up because you don’t have the brain power to think through the options in front of you… and you are dissapointed with yourself because you deserve the sandwich loaded just the way you like it.

When you’are at the library and all you see are stacks of Schweser and CFAI material all around you.