You know what I love about the last week or two?

I can write all over on the EOC questions like it is the real exam. I am not going to open them again (hopefully…) so don’t have to worry about not wanting to see the answer on the next run through.

i agree, i tear that shiza up

don’t worry I think the real test is not hard We only need to keep health and not sick

that is the best feeling. write in the spaces. CIRCLE the answers in the text book! Circle that CFAI TEXT! (then re-circle the correct answer)

Ha ha, I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Just failed my 14th half practice test, so I’m hedging my bets. But I’m totally writing all over my practice exams. They’re gonna be useless If I fail. If I pass, I’m of course going to keep my texts for future reference, but in a blatant sign of restrained angst I plan to rip up one carefully picked page out of each of the CFAI text. . . . . .