You know what sucks?

I will tell you what sucks: 1. You have to wait approximately 3 months to get your results (and ~ 65% of us will fail). 2. If you fail, you have nothing to show for it. At least in college you get 1 credit for a D. 3. Your whole life revolves around the results. Will i get promoted/ a raise if I pass? Should I apply to B school if I pass? Should I start studying for level 3? Shoudl I quit the program if i fail? Please feel free to add on more.

vacuum cleaners

you mean suckers… !

You knew you’d have to wait months for the results before you took the test so you can’t bitch about that. Nothing to show for it? You learned NOTHING from studying that material? Even if you don’t pass you should have learned many worthwhile things. If your whole life revolves around this test you need to adjust your priorities. There is more to life than this freaking test. This post sounds like a poor me contest waiting to happen. Stay positive.

  1. for L2 I think it’ll only be around 60% of people failing, look on the bright side 2. you sure do have something to show for it. you know why pensions are going bye bye with the new standards. you know how to consolidate multinational corporations on financial statements. you know how to price a swap for the love of god! these are WICKED COOL THINGS and if you can’t pick chicks up at bars with this knowledge, then you have no game. chicks dig heteroskedasticity. 3. life does NOT revolve around the results. weekend before the test i went and got hammered at my college reunion and tonight like every monday night, even during CFA study time, is a soccer night. i care as much today about soccer as i do about my results. L2 pass is not going to get you into B-school, so don’t worry either way. L3? L3? (in tone of coach mora aka playoffs?) not til after at least thanksgiving. and if you quit if you fail, well then you’re a quitter. it might take me a while to get through this program, but i won’t be miserable doing it. there is no such thing as quit here. do like jaimly8 and get bombed playing golf more. really, it’s fun trying to rev the golf cart over about 11 mph. weeeeeee! ok, to soccer i go. lighten up, francis. 2 more weeks. you’ll live.

Rebuttal: 1.I agree with you that I was aware of the extended wait for results, however I don’t think 3 months is necessary – How hard is it to run scantrons and create a grading curve. 2.Yes , you are once again correct, I have learned many things – I will be sure to make a list of things I have learned and send them to my boss when I have year end review. What do you thing matters more, the fact that you passed or the fact that you learned a lot but couldn’t demonstrate your knowledge on test day? 3.My priorities are straight, and I would think a majority of people put this test as a top priority. 4.Poor me??? The whole point of getting the designation is so I won’t be poor.

Dude…go…get…a…drink. No amount of worrying between now and the 19th will change a thing. Who cares how long it takes to grade the thing? It is what it is, and you and I have no power over it. I’ll spend my time and my life on something productive during the interim. I’ve had lots bigger things on the line in life than this test. I agree…it’s a significant investment of time and effort…but at this stage the dice have been cast and all you can do is wait. Don’t let it control you.

Paris Hilton??

sounds like you are bitching. dont get me wrong, i just became a level II candidate and i did my share of griping, but i knew what I was getting into when my level I books arrived. i managed to pass, get laid, and finish my MBA – so life is not over when you take these tests. it is all about your determination and how you segment your life into priorities. good luck yo you. i hope you are out of this forum on 8/19, because if you are not, you will have to deal with a clown like me for 10 months.

yeah, me too. But I’m a sugarcoated clown, all honey and milk :slight_smile:

Yep I do. Having your neighborhood evacuated because the mtn behind your house starts on fire by a few lightening strikes. Always fun to try and pack up all that’s valuable in your house in 5 minutes and get the hell out. Got the baby, dog, laptops, backup hard drives and picture albums. Luckily enough our house didn’t burn down. Weird reason to have to get out of work early.

dang dude, crazy the stuff that happens to peeple on this forum, was this in california?

GMofDen Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- Got the baby, dog, > laptops, backup hard drives and picture albums. > Luckily enough our house didn’t burn down. My wife always mentions the picture albums…I never in a million years would have stopped ot pick up a picture album in an emergency…now I know better. Glad everyone is OK.

Out in Denver, Colorado. It’s been over 90 degrees for 30 days straight and no rain for 40 days or something like that. It did wind up raining a bit this evening though. There were some houses that were really really close to getting the torch. Basically just a grass/prarie fire and not near as bad as some of the Cali fires this year. Seeing the flames come over the hillside at 30 ft tall was pretty crazy though. The monster houses almost got devoured. here are some pics We just tried and figured out what couldn’t be replaced, good exercise to go through to figure out what you want to hold on to.

gm! remember we were talking about how crazy it was in california when you came out here with the fire and all? then you go home and there’s a lightening fire out there? behind your freaking house? insane. glad everything’s ok, man.