You know who you don't mess with? LL Cool J, that's who

Otherwise he really is gonna knock you out.

haha thats awesome

I wonder if he’s on roids or just a natural beast.

‘Going back to cali’ has got to be one of the best rap songs ever

i like mama said knock you out the most…

He is a beast, natural or not.

Anyone remember his sitcom? It was a total flop.


Y didnt he just shoot him, went back to bed, and call the clean up crew in the morning?

L just wanted to teach the guy a lesson, hes got kids in the house after all. i’m glad the intruder didnt try to put up a resistance, cause as L had said before, ‘dont you never ever pull my lever - cause I explode, and my 9 is easy to load.’ respect

He’s definitely juicing.

That’s what I thought. Still a great shape for his age.

My nigga.

You know, it would have been a more intelligent to break into William Shatner’s pad or Doogie Howser’s crib…but I guess criminals aren’t all that intelligent.

LL Cool J…cool dude and not the kind of guy I’d want to be messing with