You know your result... what next?

The big moment is nearly here. Based on historical data about 30-40% will pass the Dec 2012 CFA Level I exam… the rest will not. For those don’t pass there will be a feeling of frustration and disappointment which is completely understandable. The big question will be whether or not to attempt the exam again. In response I’d say that you should consider the following:

  1. Is there still a good reason to stay in the CFA program

  2. Did you enjoy studying the CFA material… or did you find it immensely boring

If there is still a good reason to pursue the CFA designation (recognition, career enhancement) and you enjoyed the material then I’d strongly encourage you to start gearing up for the June 2013 exam. At the other end of the spectrum if you are not clear about the benefit of the CFA program and you did not find the material particularly stimulating then you should take a step back and think about whether the CFA program is right for you.

For those who pass, the question often is whether or not to attempt Level II in June 2013. The answer depends on your experience and background. Those who have a Finance background and passed Level I relatively easily have a good shot at clearing Level II in June 2013 assuming there is sufficient commitment. If you found Level I very difficult then I’d suggesting targeting Level II in 2014. Level II is more intense relative to Level I and hence takes longer to absorb.

Best of luck no matter what track you take.

Thanks for the support Arif - much appreciated :slight_smile:

So, i got this result yesterday evening at 9:00 pm IST. And after two unsuccessful attempts, I finally cleared CFA LEVEL 1. The joy of experiencing a positive mail from CFA was unquantifiable. Well, there are many posts, forums regarding how to clear CFA exams and i surely read them all too. But one thing is definite which i have noticed and would like to share with you all who didn’t clear. Please guys, dont get or feel dejected, i know its a hell of emotions comes across our mind when we get FAIL as results. I too, felt extremely beaten down when i didn’t clear my level 1 exam. I kept wondering how could i not clear a simple exam (no doubt it isnt though), when those 35-40% people are passing, so i took this as an ultimate challenge to myself, and finally nailed it this time. I would advice just one thing: Please Work hard and not hardly. Only and only hardwork would let u achieve those positive results and nothing else on this earth…

God bless.

Some good pointers in this thread. Thanks for the input.