You know you've been on AF too long when...

…your head of desk mentions in a team meeting that if you’re going to join a golf club it’s got to be be one of the top tier or it’s not worth it and you blurt out “or hacksaw” and now people think you have some bizarre form of tourettes.

…you get a flurry of random Linkedin profile tracks and get paranoid that you’ve been outed by Mosaic Theory

…you come into work after a systems update and type “anal” into the task bar expecting it to autofill and hit enter and end up getting a call from IT

laters gents…

Yes! Hacksaw is spreading beyond cyberspace.

When you find personality traits of AF members in the guys you date

Whoever installed a keyboard sniffer on my computer must think I really really really love anal.

You’re going to be single for a long time if you hold up your potential boyfriends to AF standards. If I were you, I’d find a competitive men’s baseball league where they throw 85 mph pitches and start there.

Oh she could source her boyfriends from AF to begin with.


Median=AF has very high standards of income,height,looks and whatnot so may have a better chance looking for hotshot athlete than AF guys.

Mean=RR has messed the average up pretty bad really. If you look at the Mean AF Standards you can date any Joe Schmo.

Haha no I don’t mean it that way obviously. It’s just the guy will say something and it reminds me of so and so on AF. It’s kind of amusing, except I am terrified of bumping into carefully disguised FT type of thinker…

^ Just avoid the top 20% of male specimens, and you should do fine…

You only date Indians?

i always found it interesting that AF is the top hit/recommendation when this is typed in. makes no sense to me. is this the only reason why AF is so successful. you have all these indian guys looking to fap but get sidetracked with dreams of moving from IT to front office?

Wait ,if your statement is correct that means Indians have a demographic interest towards Anal activities.Or the ones we have on AF for that matter.

you forget a job at a Chicago McDonald’s would be a step up financially for half the people on this board.