You’ll own nothing And you’ll be happy - N.1 Prediction from the world economic forum

So the WEF is open about the near future divide, the message went from “efforts to diminish inequality” to “poor people, accept your fate”

How to profit from this?

I dunno. Long inland real estate and maybe even gated communities.

On a side note: it seems very peculiar to me that when talking about mass immigration, like in the video above, the message seems to always be that the host must do a better job at “welcoming and integrating”. Why always this way around? Does the responsibility only lie on one side of the equation?

Not always this way around, during colonization it was the other way around, they received and welcomed the new people

Are you saying that the native people in the colonialized countries welcomed the colonialists?

of course they did. how else would they discover the words of Jesus?

Wrong! I bet this comment is making Jesus roll over in his grave!