You shall (not) pass

gee, what an unfriendly guy…

And have a look at those frightened L2 candidates…

Anyway, everyone is concerned about her / his score, so here is my take at a 42% pass rate

  • 25 % of candidates know the curriculum very well and scored above 75% on any mock. They deserve to pass.
  • 25 % of candidates did not read the curriculum in full for whatever reason (illness, all-nighters at work, …). The will probably not pass.
  • 50 % of candidates are cought in the middle (me included). If they have to re-take the exam right now many of those who will pass will fail and vice versa. So, it is a close call. Let’s say that 1/3 passes, so add 17%.


Also, here are a few indicators that show if you failed:

  • You think that “Durbin-Watson” are two detectives from Victorian London.
  • You think that “Porters Five forces” is the new working title for a new J.K.Rowling plot.
  • You think that “Dickey-Fuller” is a caracter from “The talented Mr. Ripley”
  • You think that “Milller and Modigliani” run an Italian restaurant in your area.

Good luck, everyone