You stick out of the crowd, baby, it's a no-brainer It ain't that hard to choose! Why winning is important!

Him or me, be for real, baby, it’s a no-brainer You got your mind unloose Go hard and watch the sun rise One night’ll change your whole life Off top, drop-top, baby it’s a no-brainer Put 'em up if you with me

Sumner Redstone quote on the men who built america!

they don’t think in terms of money, they think in terms of winning!

now naturally if you win big in business, money follows!

but that shouldn’t be your objective, your objective: should be to win!

win! win! win!, all the time!, not sometimes, every time!


Another one:


Found the entire series on youtube, The Men Who Built America and just finished watching them. BSD shit, so motivating, highly recommended. Going to watch these again with my boy when we get a chance!

lots of winner on there. like djt!

Ah yes, nothing more motivating than the corruption, exploitation and unabashed greed of the gilded age.

The men and women who built America were slaves. Don’t get it twisted.

lol dafuq. this aint egypt. the industrial revolution built america and at the same time killed slavery,

Educate yourself.

So, watchu gonna do brah? Go burn down all the cities in the US because someone in the past was exploited? No, that would not be productive. It’s better to just take whatever and continue to build, based on today’s conditions. Keep it up, and maybe you’ll have your name on stuff one day like President Trump.

RIP Sumner Redstone!
“Patience is a virtue that I do not respect. If you’re patient, you’ll never go anywhere. It takes impatience to drive you to succeed.” — 2012 CNBC interview.
“As they say, we bet the ranch. Something like $5-to-700 million, which is now worth about $8 billion.” — Redstone in a 2012 interview with CNBC on the purchase of Viacom.
“I’ve always wanted to win. That doesn’t mean I always have, or I always will, but it’s been my objective throughout my life.” — Redstone, 2012 interview with CNBC.
“I expect to live forever. And I do everything possible to bring that result about.” — 2012 CNBC interview.