You want 'em? I got 'em! My gf asked me what i want for christmas. i want nothing.

drippin’ like water

i basically get naything i want. bought a switch, 5 games on a whim. bought a board cuz i wanted to write reminders. bought a sofa so i can nap better. bought an amazon cube just so i can tell my tv turn on and off vocally. there is really nothing i want.

i basically told her to dress like a sleuth, act like an insta thot, and sexual favors. she took offense. lol dafuq!? i basically told her to get me nothing.

If you ask for nothing, then she doesn’t get to ask for anything worth writing home about. And if she doesn’t get anything worth writing home about, then she won’t be feeling as “satisfied” and returning all of the lovely favors as a sign of gratitude. This is your last chance…


Chicks like to act all nurturing, so they like getting something for you. Even waifu says they should get something - but wait, it’s all pooled assets, so there’s actually no surplus in this case. You should just ask for some random sht like sweaters or something that has infinite choices like that. So, she can be busy for hours picking “just the right one”. Kind of like indoor cats or border collies, you have to get them something to do. Otherwise, they get restless. Womem amiright? Tanks.

No women left on here to confirm brah

Nerdy, you better ask your GF for new lights for the P on the sign of your restaurant before she catches onto exactly what kind of business you’re running here.

What? You too good for socks and underwear???


If I only received socks, underwear, and sweaters I’d be super happy about my Christmas

im getting pressured to get her more than lingerire by fam. imma get 1 of these.

anyhow. my plan is to stuff the inside of the bag with lingerie. mwahahahahaha