Young dumb and broke. Lucky for you that’s what I like.

^never happened with the russians

The Russians only showed up after you got the Mercedes, amiright?

Nah ever since I started clubbing. They always want me to buy them a god damn drink. But the prices way too high, they need to cut itttttttt.

is this like a culture thing for Russians?

Russians like clubs, marble, gold, the sorts of things you’d see in rap videos. The sort of vulgar young money sort of stuff thats the reason why they like trump’s aesthetics.

Look at you, now look at us… All my niggas look rich as fuck All my niggas live rich as fuck


lol true story this played before we went to hermosa beach last week while we were at my friends condo in redondo overlooking the ocean pre gaming for the club. i made some joke about responding with this song when someone asks are we balling.

hmm makes sense that Trumps’ wives are eastern european models without high school diplomas (not that it matters) then - they’re into gold and glittery and gaudy stuff…