Young dumb and broke. Lucky for you that’s what I like.

Why are people so against old rich dudes banging hot younger broke chicks. I feel like there are good synergies involved in this merger. If I was 60 I’d still wanna bang a hot 21 yo over someone my age any day. This third world sex tourism is seen as opportunistic but I see it as great tit for tat considering the lack of options they have.

ps lol my 50 yo uncle is banging a 21 yo in the Philippines. My grandfathers brother who is dead also did the same thing. They are both broke with a lot of different baby mamas! The quality of their chicks are also not great. But given their stats even my dad was shocked if not a bit envious. These two guys barely worked their entire lives just lived mostly off inheritance.

I wish I had an inherticane and didn’t have to work. But I guess having nothing and amassing something taught me great character. I’m very financially savvy and well educated. So I’m like a superior version of them.

It’s control related.

It’s a sick system of control that tries to make males hate themselves for their male characteristics (toxic masculinity), and tries to make females hate themselves for their female characteristics (feminism). And it has been very successful in the West. It keeps the masses under control, and maximizes profit.

There are certain outliers though, who just can’t be controlled, they say “screw it, I’ll take being happy instead!”. :+1:

Alright I’m calling it. This place is officially garbage.

Sounds like you are a potential customer for that dating website for sugar daddies.

Nerdy no shame in getting your dick wet abroad.

Right on time comes the cuckdom! :grin:

And heck, I’ve been calling that for years.

5/23 threads on the opening page are started by the same… person, so take from that what you will.

one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Treasure, that is what you are Honey you’re my golden star You know you can make my wish come true If you let me treasure you

Wait, so is “financially savvy and well educated” what we’re calling a hacksaw UCLA grad that has to borrow against his 401k to loan a whole $100k to his mom? Originally I assumed the title was self-referencing until I actually bothered to read, haha.

im plenty proud of the ucla degree. what college are you from?

real quick though: why are you such a dick?

You remind him too much of his younger days I think.

Dozens of moronic threads on this site recently? No doubt.

UCLA hacksaw? Almost as foolish.

It’s top two or hacksaw, we’ve been over this.

But what college did you attend?

I actually never went to college on my way to become a plumber, that’s why I’ve never mentioned it. It’s quite a sad story.

See I knew you were going to lie!

Someone is embarrassed from revealing its undergrad…

Yup…Tells you the level of intellectual, emotional, and rationalization of CFA charterholders…which is not that high

AF, the Home to:

The toughest exam in the world

CFA > Top10 MBA

But there are couple that are actually genuine and real and up to date to current events and not living in the 1880s. I’ve met couple AF members in real life…One rarely posts and the other no longer can post.


Nerdy, you like Asian chicks?