Your Achilles Heel

What’s everyone’s downfall… that one thing that you just can’t stand seeing pop up on the exam. 1) Aggregate Supply / Demand questions tying to monetary and fiscal policy. 2) Leases accounting and CFO/CFI/CFF adjustments.

rest assured both of them are very much sure to come on the exam, i feel, and I think in ABUNDANCE.

Deferred taxes… and equation memorization. I don’t have much problems with the theories since I did read all the CFAI books, but memorizing the equations is a different story.

Some of the derivatives and SS9


Anything FSA. Maybe they won’t ask any of these…

getting right answers but filling in wrong bubbles lol

US GAAP, IFRS, Leases (disgusting)

Its got to ETHICS!

Confidence intervals (z-t score – the whole shebang) Derivatives