Your CFA Level II Badge!

Anyone else receive this on e-mail? Thought it was ironic as I have already passed Level III. Begs the question is there a Level III digital badge?!

I did, and I know of a couple others that did too. Agreed, weird lol.

Yes. Douchey AF.

also weird because there’s no such thing as a CFA Level 2. Looked like a borderline violation to me.

I think the badge just mentions that you passed the Level II exam of the CFA Program (along with the passing year).

I asked them long back

They replied, they didn’t want to reduce the value of the charter.

8 months to go for me before earning the charter

Now I need to have my L1 badge.

It would be nice if it was a real badge like a birthday badge I could pin to my jacket and walk around London in.

“Move along, Move along, Level II coming through.”

This badge is for those people who go to conferences and keep those badges hanging in their office or cube. Can never have too many lanyards.

When I took level 1, I stuck around after the exam to ask a proctor if I could have their lanyard. They removed their name tag and let me keep their lanyard. I thought that sht was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. Until I lost it under my ex gf’s bed and she moved out without telling me she found it.

Ya, she sucks.

Where’s the badge?

What is the use of the CFA Level 1/2 badge? CFA charter is the actual GOLD isn’t it?

Hey guys, I also received these badges (Charterholder & Level II) , actually level II badge can be quite important for people working in Valuation & Business modelling - related jobs as level II focuses on valuation. Anyway, at the end of the Day, “, CFA” next to your name is the real deal !

Never received any badge and passed L2 in 2016…

Where can I ask for it? Haha

Does this mean level 1 badges are coming too? Or level 3 badges? What am I supposed to do with this thing? So many questions…

Are these like the badges I used to collect when I was a cub scout?