your dish tonight

said every single italian that’s ever lived.

I cook a mean pot roast that all my fellow yids can relate to.

Yes - but i tend to create more of a Georgian meal as opposed to italian. To me, that is by far the best genre of food.

When I cook, I cook Peruvian food. That is the best cuisine. I also like to have a nice Brunello (Italy) or a nice Muga (Spain) while cooking.

im in total agreement. Georgian is the best supyogov.

costco taquitos. not a typical dinner.

Bison and potatoes.

Sear a bison shoulder in a pot with a bit of grass-fed butter. Then add water, potatoes, herbs. Cover and simmer for about 5hrs.

I’ve never tried Georgian cuisine, I’ll have to check it out

Grass-fed butter? What sort of butter is this?


I’ve been re-watching The Sopranos so that means I’m eating a ton and usually includes some sort of pasta in a meat sauce.

I like making a solid baja style fish taco or street style adobada pork tacos.

If I come home and see my butter eating grass, I’m getting the fuq out of the house.

In the states I think the most available options are Kerrygold and Anchor. See, happy cow eating grass, makes him pee yellow butter…

Anchor butter from green green grass

Can any of you anglos cook the East Asian stuff?

Ah, so milk from grass fed cows. I’ll give it a try before passing judgment, but if it’s as bad as grass fed beef compared to grain fed, I’m out.

I bought a wok for my wife a few years ago. She can cook some pretty tasty stuff in that. Probably about as authentic as crab rangoon, but A for effort.

I make a mean fondue Neuchatêloise. A decent poached salmon, too. And French Toast.