your dish tonight

I don’t usually cook, but when I do, I cook with a nice bordeaux. Started with EVOO in one pot and diced (a whole clove of) garlic into it. Got a steamer going in separate pot, steamed some fresh broccoli crowns. After garlic starts to go, threw a glass jar of chopped artichoke hearts into garlic. After that, poured some of a jar of Classico cabernet marinara sauce into garlic and artichoke. Steam broccoli until slightly tender, plate it and pour over garlic/marinara/artichoke. Add parmesan/cracked pepper/sea salt to taste. Magnifico.

(no MSG needed)

chicken breast in my instantpot, buckwheat, sourdough bread with avocado, 4 olives

chase it down with bell two hearted ale

Go Vegan

Add fish sauce to that Marinara.

no way jose.

Tourtiere, mashed potato, corn and spring mix with homemade vinaigrette. Yummy!!! yes

Vegan is the way of the devil worshipers.

In the Bible Jesus taught us to eat fish, lamb, cattle, pork and all sort of meats, I don’t remember any mentions of vegans, so vegan diet is not Jesus approved then it certainly isn’t good for the planet

Chicken California

Chicken coated with cornmeal, browned in olive oil. Add onions, garlic, cumin, coriander, and nutmeg, then dry red wine, and braise till the chicken’s done. Add chili powder, blanched almonds, and green olives.

Serve over steamed rice. Add a salad of onions and oranges, seasoned with rosemary.

What’s happening to AF??

^^^ gender erosion wink

read the book the china study.

Wasting a nice Bordeaux with artichokes aka the wine killer?

Also, swap out the Bordeaux for a Australian red from the Margaret River. Similar conditions and terrier so the varietals used are the same and they produce much cheaper wines that are considerably more interesting than cheaper end Bordeaux

I had a Costco hot dog last night. Didn’t feel like cooking right before leaving town for Christmas.

Lately though I’ve been making soups/chilis on the weekends since the cold weather puts me in that cooking mood

Wait you started a thread to tell us you cracked open a jar of Prego?

Muscle milk, spaghetti no sauce, meat balls, and a few strips of bacon. Washed down with two cups of Kirkland’s finest Cranberry extract.


I started with a cinnamon roll while I waited for my wife to deliver up two hearty cheeseburgers (rare+) with mayo as spread. BBQ sauce for dipping as needed.

Chased it down with whole milk.

^ Damn, Mrs. Higgmond needs to learn a thing or two from Mrs. Leg. I stood out in the cold grilling an Angus Bubba burger topped with a nice thick slice of grilled pork roll (collectively, a Jersey Burger), 2 slices of cheddar jack, ketchup, and BBQ sauce.

I cook almost every night - in fact i would venture to say i am the best cook i know. Recently been perfecting kangaroo and zebra meat.

Her name was Ginger