Your favorite movie of 80's & 90's,1999&title_type=feature

Schindler’s List

Saving private Ryan…

^Yeah, but I don’t really like movies about Europe in the 1940’s. Too bleak.

My favorite,1999&start=34488&title_type=feature

I like WW2 movies.

Zhitiye Aleksandra Nevskogo ?

Yep. Last but not the least…

Dead poets society

You shouldn’t include the 80’s and 90’s together. The 80’s had a very distinct feel (mainly due to John Hughes), while the 90’s got much darker.

Putting The Breakfast Club in the same category as Pulp Fiction isn’t right.

There are really too many to list, but here are some:


Ferris Bueller

Breakfast Club

Princess Bride

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Beverly Hills Cop


Stand By Me

Blade Runner


Jurassic Park

Independence Day

Fight Club



Toy Story


Usual Suspects

Not a fan of the writers beyond their commercial talent, but Good Will Hunting made a mark towards the end of said period.


Total Recall

Say Anything


Last Dragon

Decades have passed but Leeroy still the master

Heathers never gets enough love. Outstanding movie.

I threw this one out here a few years ago and people jumped all over me, but True Romance is a great movie. Highly recommend.

Bottle Rocket is another one.

Robin Williams …

Sandlot Top Gun Days of Thunder Edit: Field of Dreams Bull Durham

^ Forgot about Sandlot, great movie (other than the fact that the one kid becomes a Dodger).

Jurassic Park was a game changer…

I still remember that toiler scene…

sho nuff! also Rad was…rad.

the answer to 90s is Braveheart, end of discussion.