Your Information sources

For those who don’t have bbg at work, where do you pick your information ?

I was considering subscribing to the bloomberg app but that’s quite expensive (349 euros a year). Any thoughts or suggestions would be highly appreciated !

I’m about to start investing as 1) I passed Level 3 so I’m decently knowledgeable about markets 2) the market is crashing so it’s the perfect time to enter 3) I’m French so I’d invest mostly in EU/French stocks, which are going to crash even more

That’s difficult, not having a Bloomberg Terminal. App really isn’t the same thing, I’d go for Wall Street Journal over the BB App personally, maybe the economist and then just skim earnings releases or listen to occasional earnings calls.

koyfin is useful

what type of info are you talking about though? fin metrics? company guidance? fin statements? etc

all of the above

I’ve checked koyfin, seems pretty useful although not as intuitive as bbg for instance ! but thnks, thats a good start

if you are trying to do a five finger discount
past financial metrics. id use this:
earnings consensus, news, guidance, transcripts, id use this:

Do you have an opinion on the paid subscription to SA for good quality information/stats as well as ideas?

ive tried it. and i dont like it. not much added value. you get analysis from other ppl no matter how old. and they do a daily summary of all articles with one liners. but this was from a few years ago. they have since revamped it. and dunno it current value. but the amt of garbage in sa just turned me off.

Q is the only informations source.

What is Q?

That’s helpful to know, thanks. I never used these website and recently found some interesting things among the trash on SA and was wondering if that was worth it-- sounds like no.

Q is the light

Whatever happened to people doing their own due diligence?

Never mind. Off to watch Fox News.

sa has really good notifications and summaries. usually when it’s from the sa team. you are literally just getting pertinent news. anyawys that shits free.

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Easy for a few companies, but when you want a lot of information at higher volume, it helps to have a data source.

I get you easier to compare them right away. That’s why I like screeners.