Your memory techniques?

I wonder if people would like to share their saying/acronyms/tricks used to remember certain theories/topics/info - eg Schweser gives the the french word for black noir being used to remember type of scales in order of precision: "N"ominal, "O"rdinal, "I"nterval, "R"atio. Investopedia also gives PEJMAR for remembering six components of code of ethics - PEJMAR • "P"riority – Your interests always come second to your clients. • "E"ncourage – Practice and encourage others to act professionally and ethically to reflect credit on yourself and the profession. • "J"udgment – use reasonable care and judgment when performing all professional activities. • "M"aintain – keep your knowledge up to date and encourage other professionals to do the same. • "A"ctions – employ integrity, competence, diligence, and respect in an ethical manner with everyone. • "R"ules – promote the integrity of capital markets by following the rules. I understand it is always better to understand concepts however these can come in handy with such things as ethics

Wii (AS IN NINTENDO WII!)- Water Inelastic= Water is obviously a Renewable Resource since its everywhere. from this, you can get Oil- elastic= Oil is a non renewable resource. this method helped nail a specific question on this on this exam.

Put-Call parity: sexy pamela => SXCP S - X = C - P S - X/(1+RFR)^t = C-P (M)argin calls: M for ‘minus’ (the other is short with a plus)

TBTF = Too Big to Fail

LOL @ sexy pamela… god i wished I would have used that during my options and securities classes… FACT - fair , accurate, complete and timely when it comes to performance presentation

Guys I think this is a great thread for tyros like me. I would request everybody to add all relevant stuff more in to this thread. After all Memory is the retention of, and ability to recall, information, personal experiences, and procedures (skills and habits). It is the connection of new picture/thoughts/information with the picture/thoughts/information which already stored in brain/mind.So please add as much as you can.