Your opinion on Schweser material

I got a promotional email from this site and thought of loitering a lil on their forums section… The first thread I saw gave me jitters… check it out yourself: (For those who want a jist of it, almost all people on the thread who took the exam have said that Schweser material is insufficient and hell they did all of it and managed to flunk the exam)

I think we had this discussion before too … it scares me !! but nobody has mentioned about qbank in that forum. ppl say they failed, however they scored 100 percent on concept checkers … well 27 days to go I won’t worry about that now :slight_smile:

anupamjain can you repost the forum link? it didnt work.

oops… looks like analystforum has modified the link that I had post. Maybe because they are competitors. I am not sure if it would be a violation of forum rules but here posting the link again as requested by suny: Use a n a l y s t n o t e s . c o m after http:// instead of @#$%&.com (without spaces of course)… Hope this helps!

So what that somebody studied all of Schweser and didn’t pass? You wouldn’t believe the number of things peoplle will blame for their own failure. Schweser covers way more than enough ground to pass the exam.

Are Schweserist or independent, Joey? You could disclose that. :wink:

When I took these exams I used: CFA 1: $500 worth of books I never opened and Stalla which I liked and (gulp) Allen Resources TestBank which I also liked. CFA 2: $200 more of books I never opened, Stalla, and two year old Schweser which I borrowed from Enzhong. CFA 3: No books which I never opened, Stalla, and the previous year’s Schweser that I borrowed from Enzhong. I like both Stalla and Schweser study notes equally though I think the popularity of Schweser gives it the edge on AF. I think QBank is a must-have.

Who are the people who are likely to post… those who failed, obviously. It’s a self selecting page for ranting. However, I think schweser is horribly inadequate in some areas. Econ is a particular weakness.

JoeyDVivre are serious you never opened CFAI books for 3 exams? If so, i feel like I am wasting my time study those giant CFAI books. Please share with us how helpful were those questions in the end of chapters to the exam? Thank you