Your result day story

Sat down in front of my computer staring at the first line on my Gmail inbox for like 30 minutes till I decided that it wasn’t worth being super-late to work. Driving to the office I keep on clicking “Refresh” on my phone’s email system till it actually throws a Google login error. WTF MAYBE THAT’S THE REASON WHY MY MAIL ISN’T GOING IN! So I am plugging away at this captcha the Gmail app gives me and I realize I unconsciously started driving into oncoming traffic on a divided roadway. Fortunately before I cause a huge accident I dive into a driveway, but before I pull out I get that captcha right so I can get to the office and sweat for another 20 minutes. Passed it, thank God. I would not have wanted to buy a new car (and maybe fix someone else’s car!) *and* fail the exam.

Well I wasn’t shocked at the fail, but I was shocked at how poorly I did. I scored better on the samples and practices than I ever have on levels I or II, but none of that showed up in my results. We had a baby in March, lack of sleep for months, yada, yada, yada… It’s all bs. I’m sure there are people out there in the exact same position as I was and they passed. I am pissed that this is the only exam in the world that has givne me trouble. I have passed the Series 3, Series 6, Series 63, the CIMA exam and Level I of the CAIA without breaking a sweat. Got through my grad school program with a decent average without killing my social life. for some reason, this exam is just different for me. So, my results day story is that I am questioning the way I planned and prepared. It is a beatable exam and I am certainly smart enough to take it down. Just need to come up with a better plan for next year. Going to spend the next month focusing on Level II of the CAIA. Need to knock that one out of the park to give me some feeling of redemption. As soon as I finish the CAIA it is on. CFA Level III, full blast. The failure has only strengthened my resolve.

Had a job interview on results day scheduled for 4 pm. Woke at 5:30 to catch 8 am flight to Calgary for job interview. Got a text from a former coworker inquiring on the status of the Level 3 - became really anxious as per text - no results yet. Got to airport and tried to check in… my boarding number has expired (wtf?). Check phone - no results yet - however, received text 20 minutes ago from Air Canada telling me that my flight has been cancelled and I have been rescheduled for 6 pm (6pm > 4pm = doesn’t work) - no results yet. They put me on standby. Email potential employer that my flight was cancelled and might not be able to make it and will update him with flight status ASAP once confirmed. Did not make standby for two flights. Last flight that could get me there on-time is delayed (fml). Rant to attendant. She offers me a $10 food voucher, insulted. Send email to potential employer asking to reschedule to a later time. He cancels. Results received - passed. Good news and bad news… oh well. Air Canada is horrible. Please avoid this airline if possible.

I’m in Colombia on work/vacation so I didn’t get up until about 8:30 anyway. Was fairly confident as I put in a crapload of time (started studying in Sept) but always the nagging little voice, “What if?” Kept going back to the computer to see. Got the email around 10:15. I swear, if everyone in the world could just receive LIII test results on command there would be no need for drugs. Posted to LinkedIn/Facebook but could barely write with the nerves on edge. Definately a rush.

Remembering this to give myself extra motivation these next two weeks when I feel like taking breaks. No time to slow down now