Your study methods for the NEXT exam?

Now that we’ve probably all crushed through the LI material, what are you going to change in your study methods for the Level II (because you’re NOT going to retake L1 in December!! positive thinking… :slight_smile: For me, I’m going to read more of the CFAI materials (this time I only spent ~5% on CFAI, the rest on Schweser notes)… If I can start early enough, I want to read though each LII CFAI book, then read the corresponding Schweser book. After reading through a study session, I’ll take a 60-120 QBank test on that study session, PLUS each study session I covered BEFORE that one! If I find holes in my previous learnings, I’ll have to go back and fill in the gaps. My main problem now is that I never went back and reviewed/tested myself on earlier readings until ~2.5 weeks before D-Day. I should have been reviewing or at least testing previous materials at least once every 1-2 weeks. The key for me will be starting as early as possible! Since there’s no December retake for the LII, and probably LOS changes for the following year exam, I want to be damn sure I pass it the first time!!