your thoughts

i have this traders interview coming up with a bank…for the asian trading desk with product range primarily in fx, derivatives, interest rates. i understand that this group borrows heavily in the japanese yen to invest. understandably, performance has suffered due to the subprime mess. … and of course there are concerns now about the delicate chain of debt created b’cos investors are leveraged to the hilt on the japanese yen. in view of all this and the possibility of more japanese rate hikes, should i have any concerns about joining such a setup? (that is assuming i make it). on another note, would u up a decent regular job for an opportunity to try your hand in trading? am in mid office…but secretly harbor trading ambitions. knowing how insider-based and tight the trading circle is, i have more or less given up hope. but a recent unexpected turn of events have set me up with this interview. i have never gone for a trading interview before, and i absolutely have no idea what to expect (am hoping that i can get some advice on this board on the interview). while i am stoked, i also have reservations as this is more like a summer program instead of a permanent position (money is of course way less than status quo). in the worst situation, i have to job search all over again. best case scenario is of course everything goes well and the program leads me onto a formal trading job. deep down, i feel that this is a good opportunity to learn and do what i really like. especially when i dont have any real commitments yet. what would you do in my situation?