Your Top 5 Countries for International Assignments

Post MBA I will open myself to the prospect of taking a international assignment, preferably in an emerging market economy. I’ve have had trouble narrowing it down to just five. Instead I’ve narrowed it to two top choices and a series of ties based on the following criteria; security, political stability, emerging market status, potential for growth, earning potential, weather, culture, and of course, being known for producing hot women. Heres my top five: 1.) Warsaw, Poland 2.) Buenos Aires, Argentina 3.) Tie: San Paulo, Brazil or Budapest, Hungary 4.) Tie: Santiago, Chile or Stockholm, Sweden 5.) Tie: Manama, Bahrain or Dubai, UAE

Zurich, Vienna, Geneva, Vancouver, and Auckland are top five based on quality of life according to Mercer Consulting in a survey they published in June 2008.

  1. Barcelona 2. Vienna 3. Paradise Islands, Bahamas 4. Zurich 5. Helsinki

1.) Lima Peru - I have liked it better than Sao Paulo Brazil… 2.) Most anywhere in Spain 3.) Argentina - various 4.) Paris 5.) Vancouver

wherever alicia sacramone is

numi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wherever alicia sacramone is Italian, per Wiki.

Brisbane, Australia —> BEAUTIFUL!!!

Norway Sweden Iceland Finland Australia

Singapore Spain Argentina Italy China

I have heard Budapest, Hungary has beautiful ladies

Are these countries that you’ve all visited, or simply want to? Cause some of you got a pretty impressive travel resume, I’m real envious!

Italy Switzerland England Australia Czech Rep.

numi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wherever alicia sacramone is She’s aight, but I’m rolling with Natasha Liukin over Sacramone.

I have not been to my top 5. Only to Peru of that list. But I should get to go to Spain soon as I will now be in charge of it in addition to my current responsibilities. The other three I just think would be nice to visit…

numi Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wherever alicia sacramone is you would need to go to Rhode Island for that which I guess is an emerging market.

The media guide shows her name as “Nastia” Liukin. How do you pronounce that? Is it supposed to be “Natasha”?

OK, I guess Rhode Island isn’t exactly its own country, even though I’m sure some people there would like to believe that it was. Anyway, since we’re talking only about international assignments, I gotta roll with Australia. I’ve heard Sydney is awesome, and if nothing else, Australia is where Melanie Adams is from. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s a 2012 Olympic hopeful, and she’s supposed to be one heck of a pole vaulter. How can anyone root against that?

For long term assignments, one year plus, I have been to the following locations in chronological order. 1. Toronto Canada 2. New York State- a few locations 3. London England 4. China, a few locations 5. Sydney Australia 6. Manila Philippines 7. Bangkok Thailand 8. Singapore Short term locations of around 1-3 months include: Nassau Bahamas, Port Moresby PNG, KL Malaysia, Hong Kong and many other short term visits to places where you couldn’t take your dog. My favorites are: Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. If you are raising kids, Singapore would be best. Thailand and Philippines would be fantastic as a single person. Regards,

  1. Rio 2. Bogota 3. Sydney 4. Hong Kong 5. London
  1. Zimbabwe 2. Rwanda 3. Lebanon 4. Iraq 5. Afghanistan