Youtube #1 earner is.....

“…woman who makes videos of herself unboxing Disney (DIS) toys – and according to OpenSlate, she made $4.9 million in 2014 from YouTube ads alone.”

wtf is this sh*t…so many fukin weirdos out there

But is she going to interview Obama?

what? makes me rethink my youtube strategy.

WTF is OpenSlate ( and why should I believe its data?

How does this work? I’m sure this person does not get the most views in all of Youtube. So, the advertisers must pay more for this channel than others?

You guys may think this is crazy, but opening “Easter Eggs” on Youtube is actually something a lot of people watch. My 3 year-old daughter loves watching people open Easter Eggs on Youtube. I have absolutely no idea why.

There are tons of guys that make decent money (~$50k) as YouTube video game commentators. Once they get a pretty good following, game developers start sending them free games to review. Not a bad side gig for someone that just films themselves playing a game they’d play anyway.

A lot of the well known YouTube guys easily clear $100k. I’m skeptical she beats out some of those guys and gals

I’m not surprised by this at all. Parents and grand parents spent a small fortune on Disney toys, so not surprising that a lot of folks would be interested in seeing what’s in the box before they buy it.

I heard that for every 1,000,000 views, YouTube sends a cheque for $5,000.

It depends on the ads on the content. Some ads pay more than others. Some are paid based on clicks and others are based on the level of interaction after the click.

This guy Jared marketed his kids for $1.3M/year - - he is a video pro I believe.

This is something I’ve been thinking about recently. People can make a lot of money in a lot of different ways. makes this stock market game look a bit shit