She seems nice.

silicon valley

Didn’t Ms Phils win some beauty contest recently?

My phone got herpes

Sure, she’s hot. I’ll give you that…and, I must be getting old here, but who gives a $#!t? The internet is filled with people like this, whose only skills I can discern are snapping selfies and putting those dumb Instagram cat ears on their faces synthetically, making duck faces or throwing that stupid peace sign. How original!

there are girls you show to your family and then there are girls you show to your teammates. I’d say shes in the latter category.

Well, no argument there…

Yeah yeah, they are all just skanks until one of them gets cast in a Michael Bay movie or becomes First Lady.

Agreed, the true greats grow cat ears from their head organically!

i mean due to the lack of clubbing and subsequent lack of any organic growth of snapchat thots, i have resorted to subcribing to insta thots on snapchat or various thot aggregator subreddits to visually bombard me during desperate times. below is my favorite chick, plz share yours.


i am a big fan of the duck face. i dont understnad why other people hate it. it accentuates their dsl!


She’s probably pretty chill and fun to hang out with. Why are y’all jealous??

As opposed to, for instance, wearing a cat ear headband and taking a photo of that.


stats on what type of tatas we like

She seems nice too.

Lol, probably only looks pretty because she’s so far away :bulb:

i ran across a post on reddit the other day from an IG pimp. she claims that a lot of these “IG MODELS” escort on the side.

she handles all the stuff with finding clients and logistics.

there is no issue with the high end stuff. the abuse issue is mostly the low end minority ones that are typically transgender.