Yummy Mummy

I learned a new term recently. Looks like it is a precursor state to MILF-hood.


Yummy mummy is a slang term used in the United Kingdom to describe young, attractive and wealthy mothers.[citation needed]

The term developed in the late 20th century, and was often applied to celebrity mothers such as Liz Hurley[3] or Victoria Beckham,[4] who appeared to quickly regain their pre-pregnancy figures after giving birth, and would continue to lead carefree and affluent lifestyles. Episode 13 of series six of The Nanny (airing in 1999) was called “The Yummy Mummy”. More generally, a “yummy mummy” is an often younger version of a MILF, a term used either appreciatively or lustfully, usually by a man, to refer to a young mother with whom he would like to have a sexual encounter.[citation needed]

The stereotypical yummy mummy was described by Nirpal Dhaliwal in The Times as having an existence “bankrolled by a husband working himself to death in the City, [dressing] in designer outfits… carries the latest must-have bag [and] whose hair and nails are perfectly groomed”.[3] A yummy mummy would have several children and yet remain a “girl-about-town”, dressing fashionably and appearing well-groomed and carefree.[5]

Last I heard this term was when my friend’s mother was describing a fit 40 something actress who didn’t look her age at all. I’m sure he’d be pleased to learn this definition :wink:

So does this apply to Nefertiti?

I prefer the term MILF.

Yummy Mummy is a UK/Aussie term; MILF is an American term. They mean exactly the same, although one is ever-so-slightly less respectful than the other.